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Black Africans with Blue Eyes

Every adult individual has a story, and this is the story behind Africans with blue eyes. The rear blue-eyed people in Africa are seen as either evil or possessed. Black Africans with blue eyes are scattered all over the continent. Each boy, girl, woman has experience confrontation through continuous starring. In extreme cases, black people with blue eyes are called Witch.

It is the mentality of some black people to call anything that defiles the ordinary a taboo. Black person with blue eyes is one of such taboo. I do not blame them because that is the limit of their knowledge.

Recently in one of my dance class for kids, one teenager called another a witch. I quickly rebuked him and gave a sound warning not to use such language in the class. I ended by asking if he has seen a witch. Guess what? He said yes. I am shocked. How? When? Where?

At the back of my house, he replied. Okay, this is getting interesting. What exactly happened that made you think she was a witch? I asked further. Did you see her turn from a human to a bird? Or what exactly gave you that impression.

Not really, I know from the way she was acting. By now, I understand it was his mentality. I wish I had time to lecture him, but I have to go back to my rehearsal. This is sometimes the scenario with Africans with blue eyes.

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