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Bypassing a VPN Block [closed]

        I am new here so I hope you can help me. I know a little about VPNs but im not an IT professional so any help in simple explanation would be really really appreciated. The issue is this - I sometimes work abroad for a company using a company laptop and it was working well. Before it worked but now I cannot connect using the VPN. The setup is simple:
Company laptop - External router with VPN - VPN server - Company server Everything works except the laptop is not connecting to the server. I cannot do anything on the laptop unless it connects to the server and I believe the problem is the the company server is blocking the connection from the VPN. I have tried a range of different commercial providers on OpenVPN but none work (ports 443 and 1194). I have also tried a VPS and also a wireguard connection. Can someone advise me on if there is anything I can do? My router supports OpenVPN and WireGuard configuration files but does not allow me to modify the configurations I don't think.

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