Can’t connect to the Internet [on hold]

I need urgent help please regarding Internet connection in our office. The situation is as following.

We have a small local network infrastructure that was previously connected to the Internet. The gateway router is connected to server through a switch. All other LAN computers and printers are connected to same switch. Now, our old Internet connection terminated and we can still access local network such as printers and shared data on server. We have LinkSys RV042 router at the moment. The gateway IP for this is and the IP addresses are allocated through DHCP in server not through router's DHCP.

Now I have another TP-Link Archer MR200 router which takes SIM card and provides the Internet connection. I am having issues connecting TP-LINK router to our existing network.

As a temporary fix, I have tried to connect Linksys router to TP-Link router through DMZ port in Linksys. I have setup default gateway for TP-LINK as but still can't connect to the Internet.

When I run troubleshooter for network diagnosis, it says DNS server is not responding.

Can anyone suggest something on this.

Ps. My whole network is running on 192.168.0.x ip addresses . The wireless devices can access Internet when connected to TP-LINK but not LAN devices.

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