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Symmetric NAT traversal [closed]

Let's say there is 2 peers, A and B, each under a symmetric NAT with a random port allocation.
If A sends a packet to B's address on a specific port, the NAT will map the request to it's public IP address and a random port.
A'private: ...

TCAM carving question for Cisco Nexus 9396PX

TCAM carving question for Cisco Nexus 9396PX
I have Cisco Nexus 9396PX and configure for IPv4 with IPv4 RACL on SVI to block some basic traffic. Now i have configured IPv6 and trying to configure access-list but its saying you don't have T...

How to setup self hosting with redundant Internet connections?

The situation is this: a small broadcasting company is going to have multiple remote cameras sending live video back to the company HQ where they have the hardware to produce the live stream sent to YouTUBE, FB, and similar services.
The ...

how to make an obfuscated network cable [closed]

I want to make a scrambled network dongle (or cable) that must be inserted before a network drop can bring data. My question primarily stems from

how safe PoE is for devices connected with a "bad" cable and
if anyone h...

ip route keep changing after network restart [closed]

Every time I restart the server or "systemctl restart network" I have to add the static routes
Rhel 7.8
ip route add dev ens192 proto static scope link metric 100
ip route add dev ens192 proto kernel sc...

Creating a LAG between two switches [closed]

I'm kinda new to networking and I'm trying to setup a server with redundancy to two switches, sorry if this is not the right place to ask.
This is my situation right now :
I have 3 NICs on the Server teamed up a...

Next-server option missing in dhcp server on EXOS switch

I'm trying to utilize the build-in DHCP server on our EXOS switch.
Address pools work as intended. So far so good. But I also need to boot our FOG iPXE server through it. The configuration of the switch allows me to set option 66 and 67 fo...

Junos “request system software validate” safety

Just want to clarify: is it safe to issue the command
request system software validate /var/tmp/image.tgz

on a production Juniper MX router not during maintenance? Can I break something with this command or it is totally safe?
PS I have r...