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Posts published in “Computer & Internet”

Bandwidth, Latency, Download speed and Upload speed

In the midst of trying to diagnose a slow vpn issue, I'm getting a bit confused by the various metrics being mentioned by the many different techs I've been speaking with.
From what I understand, bandwidth is the size of the pipe (the numb...

Cisco FL-4330 Backplane Performance

We are using a Cisco FL-4330 for the first time. Our application requires Gbit throughput in one vlan.
According to the specification sheet, the Cisco FL-4330 only supports 100mbit in the backplane. The performance license increases this t...

Networks theory: Layers, Services and Interfaces

I want to learn about computer networks from the bottom up.
I don't really understand the nuances of networking layers, with books mentioning that layers provide services to layers above them, but the interface between layers is not part o...

IPTABLES NAT not properly forwarding SIP? [closed]

I have a SIP server behind a NAT firewall. The SIP server in configured correctly, and can receive calls locally. We recently integrated with Twilio for an Elastic SIP trunk. Calls will sometimes go through, and will sometimes not. Lately,...

Switch vs. Router and sequence of OSI Model [duplicate]

As I understand it:
A switch (layer 2) seems to define a LAN and a router (layer 3) enables communication between distant LANs.
A device on a LAN will give it's MAC address to the switch upon broadcast, which passes it off to the router to...

can we install an openvswitch on any virtual machine? [closed]

I want to install openvswitch on a virtual machine, so that other softwares along the switch functionality can be used. My questions are:

Is it possible to install openvswitch on a VM with ubuntu along with other softwares?
Does GNS-3 pro...