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Posts published in “Computer & Internet”

Custom proxy TCP tunnel [closed]

I have a machine which is behind a NAT service, which does not allow port forwarding. Machine is hosting several servers.
Using Tor I can create an onion service on that machine, proxying to the servers and access them via Tor network, but...

Can’t Ping VRRP virtual IP on Cisco XRv device

I have two XRv routers I am running in GNS3 setup so I can ping their regular interfaces, but when I configure VRRP I can't ping the VRRP virtual IP (except from the Router currently acting as active). This issue also bleeds over to actual...

Wireshark not capturing on HTTP websites

I'm using wireshark on a local HTTP website but it is not capturing the password. It only captures the username. What should I do to capture both on wireshark? I'm using a Debian-based linux distro.

Which Ethernet cable jacket colours should I use?

We have the following connections.

User desks to patch panel to non-PoE switch
CCTV to patch panel to PoE switch
WiFi access point to Patch panel to PoE switch
Floodlight to Patch panel to PoE switch
WAN to patch panel to router

We are t...

Do IPv6 addresses have better persistence with DHCPv6?

I have a LAN with about 25 devices that occasionally grab each other's IP address via DHCPv4. I know there are certain lease time limits and it can be set to very long periods to work it around to an extent, but it happens once in a while ...