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LACP to Fix Switch Bottleneck?

I have a bottleneck affecting traffic. There are 4 switches with each of them running a line to the next to provide internet. I haven’t played around with LACP LAG too much and am wondering if the setup in this diagram would …

Latency in Network

My company uses trading application where latency is utmost important. I have few ideas but really dont know how to implement. Like I want to know

1) How can I Prioritize applications by 802.1q tag.

2) How can I Prioritize…

DHCP Doubts & Questions

I have few questions related to DHCP

1) In DORA process when client requests for the IP address can I call it as a packet or a frame?

2) If DHCP is not able to allocate IP address say when client requested Ip address DHCP s…

switch filter a frame

I was reading a text book, it says suppose a host A sends a frame with
destination address DD-DD-DD-DD-DD-DD arrives at the switch on interface x. The
switch indexes its table with the MAC address DD-DD-DD-DD-DD-DD, and if Th…