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GPON upstream frames capture

How capture GPON upstream traffic ?

Some professional tools exist: GPON doctor, GPON Xpert, displaying the GPON frames, etc, but is it possible to perform this task without using these tools ?

My understanding: Since GPON i…

HTTPS QOS and policing

In our office, everything runs on HTTPS. We have softphones and web-based clients which are high priority. We also have Google search, maps and other low priority websites that should work on best-effort basis.

But there is …

10Gbe Router Suggestion [on hold]

Just had my CL 1G/1G SLA Connection Installed. It was supplied with /29

CPE Overview

Cienna 3916 (CL’s Switch)

AdTran NetVanta 5660

My Equipment

Netgear Prosafe S3300-52x

From what I’ve been told the AdTran is setup for…