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Auth0 and privacy [closed]

I'm studying auth0 and i would like to know if using a third part application like this for authentication and authorization can be a problem for privacy and data confidentiality.
Thank you.

STP configurations

In my design, there will be a few be a few rings of edge switches that are connected to my distribution switch. (alcatel 6860-U28) The distribution switch will then be connected to my core router ( alcatel6900-X40)
Whenever i unplug the se...

Can i/how discover subnet CIDR from IP range? [duplicate]

i have found the IP range - that i want to ban in iptables the way i write x.x.x.x/xx format. Please how to know what that x.x.x.x/xx should be? I have found some online tool where i enter the range and it return ...

How to monitor vlan using SMNP?

I am a newbie to building a monitor system using Prometheus and SNMP exporter, I have succeeded get metric from the physical interface, but I want to monitor VLAN on a trunk port, is that possible ? and how ?

which top-level domain server is queried by root DNS servers?

Let's say I want to access a website *** for the first time, so my local DNS server sends a query to root DNS servers and we know that top-level domain servers includes com DNS servers and .au country top-level domains server, so wh...

Cisco CML 2.0 strange ASA trunking issue

I am seeing very strange issue and now i am losing my mind so thought ask you folk. I have following two components connected point to point on Cisco CML 2.0

9000v config
interface Vlan10
no shutdo...

What are the benefits and drawbacks of NSPOF networks over SPOF ones?

NSPOF has redundant links and redundant network components, so I think the biggest benefit it has over SPOF is high fault tolerance and the biggest drawback is the high cost of buying and maintaining all that equipment. What other benefits...