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Posts published in “Computer & Internet”

Will this switch do what I require?

I'm a complete network newbie, so please forgive any egregious errors.
I'm a Master's student who wishes to perform benchmarks on distributed databases.
Firstly, I wish to set up configurations locally and ultimately run these systems on v...

How to look up IP addresses in a geographical location?

My goal is to find an IP address in a geographical area (a city, island or state). I know it is possible to get geolocation of an IP address, I'm trying to do the reverse.
One way to do this is to look at administrative institues in a loca...

What is this coupler for?

Someone asked me if they could split an Ethernet connection with this device. Obviously, it won't work. As far as I know, since Ethernet 10/100 uses dedicated transmit/receive pairs, it shouldn't work with both devices connected. Also not ...

DHCP Discover Broadcast and its IP (255.255.255)

Cheers, I am trying to learn more about DHCP, and when studying about the session that DHCP goes through every one mentions that it broadcasts a discover message at IP: ( (as seen here for example), but I can't find more in...

VXLAN Use Case For Enterprise Networks [closed]

Implementation of VXLAN is more complex than a standard Ethernet topology implementation and is said to be intended for deployment in large data centers.

Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN) is a network virtualization technology
that attempts ...

Can’t connect two routers rip ipv6 [closed]

I have two routers, they must be in RIP ipv6.

I did the following configurations on router 0:
And on router 1:

But still I can't send ping even between routers. What am I doing wrong?