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Nat ACL Question?

I am so confused with fundamentals that I used to be an expert in,
so I have this topology

Please answer to my questions separately,

Question 1) So if I have two DNS severs, and ofc two IP address( & 31) avail…

Snmp walk issue

I’m using a program that polls the port vlans from the switches by snmpv2 (Snmp walk is used) but im having trouble polling the port vlans from hp switches. Does anyone know any reason that prevents the software from polling …

3750X NTP Sync Issues [on hold]

I have recently setup two Cisco 3750Xs running version 15.2(4)E8. I went to configure Google’s Public NTP servers, but I am not able to sync. I am able to ping those servers, so connectivity isnt an issue. Not sure what I’m m…