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connecting 2 VLANs in kathara [closed]

I'm currently using kathara to simulate network environments using bare metal Linux (with iproute2).
I have 3 different VLANs each that work through 2 access switches and those through 2 distribution switches. As it stands, each VLAN can s...

How to prioritize ICMP time exceeded packets

According to why ICMP Time Exceeded packet takes longer ICMP Echo Reply, it is normal for ICMP time exceeded be treated as low priority and slowed down or even discarded. I'm observing this problem on a lightly loaded PowerConnect 7048 an...

How to get Performance metrics of 5G network interface? [closed]

I am a new networking searcher, and I want to get the following Performance metrics of a 5G network : cost of pet, security, data rate (throughput), delay, jitter, and packet loss. Like this table :

How can I get these information ?


Multicast traffic through Cisco3850

I have a test scenario and trying to pass multicast traffic through Cisco 3850 according to the following diagram:
![enter image description here
MC source:
several MC IPs such as,, etc
I have tried for exa...

Does this dual-WAN setup seem sensible?

I have an HFC internet connection, which takes the form of an ISP-managed Network Termination Device (you can't even log into it, you just have to stare sadly at the status lights) hooked up to a cheap TP-Link modem / router combo unit (as...

Can’t send message from RIP to static through BGP

Before deep into the question, please see this topology and the results of sending messages from one router to the other router:

I have succeeded in sending a message from R0 to R2 (or vice versa), R1 to R3 (or vice versa). But why I can'...