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Posts published in “Computer & Internet”

Linksys MR7500 Hydra Pro 6E Reviewed

Linksys' Hydra Pro 6E is a slightly more affordable Wi-Fi 6E router with good 6 GHz, but disappointing 2.4 and 5 GHz performance.

Wi-Fi Ping Spikes: Causes and Fixes

Wi-Fi ping spikes aren't always caused by a poor connection. Your router settings could be to blame.

Wi-Fi 6E: The Basics

Updated: Here's a quick primer on Wi-Fi 6E.

SmallNetBuilder Returns

...And we're back. But things are going to be different.

Does OFDMA Really Work? Part 2

Our test of six Wi-Fi 6 routers found no significant benefit from OFDMA.

Does OFDMA Really Work? Part 1

We resume our quest to find OFDMA's promised benefits, by first trying to find a good benchmark test.

Alternative to modifying /etc/hosts for dns lookup [closed]

I am a networking newb - ping cannot locate certain dns names, so I put them in /etc/hosts like this: kafka.marathn.meso elasticsearch.marathn.meso

and then ping can find them. Is there a more dynamic/scalable wa...