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Configuring DMZ in packet tracer [closed]

***This is a great help if you can do this for me.
I need to configure a DMZ with a firewall ASA 5505/5506 to a network with intervlan routing, access lists and HSRP (redundancy). One DMZ should me apply to the "main water plant"...

CoS types/fields [closed]

I am fairly new to the MSP world, only working as a Network Engineer for 2 months. I am still familiarising myself with some of the concepts of the SP world. My question is we have a few core devices such as Juniper MX's and Cisco ASR's(th...

Good book on wireless networking technologies [closed]

I'm looking for a book (if it exists or more books) that contains a deep analysis of the main and more recent networking technologies such as 5G, LTE, WiFi 802.11 and 802.11 family, loraWan [..] that is updated and revisioned, better if it...

Prime Infrastructure IOS-XE device type recognition

Catalyst switches usually form a stack on boot up, even if they are not stacked. They just form a stack with themselves. So Prime Infrastructure reads out the model of the switch, that says it is a stack. This leads to the fact, that the d...

Force Packet thru different VRF with route-map

I am working on a LTE backup configuration. I would like to have the cellular connection open constantly and establish a VPN connection even before a failure on the wired internet line occurs. This forces me to work with different VRFs. Th...

what does IP masking mean in this paper?

SO on page 6 of this paper it says:

Furthermore, since there is the possibility that the
NN attempts to learn classifying the packets using their
IP addresses, as the dataset is captured using a limited
number of hosts and servers, we dec...

Is there a 1:1 relation between TCP segments and IP packets?

TCP breaks a chunk of data into TCP segments.
TCP then hands the segment to the IP layer.
IP then appends a header to each segment to form an IP datagram.
Does the IP protocol divide a TCP segment into several IP datagrams...

Arista 7050S BGP Over Management Port not working

i have an Arista 7050s with eos and i have bgp over my management port with my management router (its a VPN router that out staff connect to this router and use our internal router)
here is my route :
VRF name: default
Codes: C -...