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Dynamic NAT/PAT problem on a Cisco ISR router [closed]

I am currently having an issue where I configured Dynamic NAT with one public IP in a pool. I intended to have the entire subnet use this one public IP instead of the default NAT outside IP configured on the router's WAN interface.


Access list command for specific IP range in Cisco Router 1921

For example:
router(config)#ip access-list extended 101
router(config-ext-nacl)#10 per icmp any host

From second command line, how to write a command permit icmp any host range Do i have have to repeat the co...

CMR rated optic fiber cable for house

We are building a new house and I plan to run a Fiber Patch Cable - LC to LC OM3 10Gb/Gigabit from the server room to the office. The low voltage person suggest that I get something that is CMR or FT4 rated?!
I looked but I couldn't find m...

Why private ip is displayed when I ping my Domain? [closed]

I have a domain, when I 'ping' or 'nslookup' it the private IP of server is displayed instead of its public IP address.
I have set valid IP address in domain name servers.
I have also set A records in DNS manager of my windows server 2012R...

Redundant routers (HSRP, GLBP, … ) with single T1 circuit

I have two sites connected by a T1 circuit.
Currenlty I have only a single router on both ends, but I would like to add redundantcy, HSRP, GLBP, or simular in case a router fails (see picture). Is this possible since I only have a single ...

DHCPv6 Rapid Commit vs Advertisement with Preference 255

How does a DHCPv6 client behave in case it sent the initial Solicit message containing a Rapid Commit option and received an Advertise message with the value 255 in the Preference option?
RFC 8415 section 18.2.1 defines the client behavior...