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Posts published in “Computer & Internet”

Configuring strict port isolation in home network [closed]

So my question is along these lines:
Configuring a network for 100% isolation (for security)
My goal: plug any device into a switch or router and no other (non-networking-infrastructure) device knows of it's presence or can communicate wi...

Network performance degradations on Access points [closed]

I'm managing a small network composed as described in picture.

The point is about a performance degradation when any device connects to routers (acting as Access points).
The loss of download speed is about the 10/15% (it happens always, ...

Firewall rules for a specific binary [closed]

I want to setup a firewall ( local ) on my machine which let's only a single binary to connect to the outer internet and reject all other requests. Is is even possible? if yes, how can I implement on linux. I searched for ufw and iptables ...

Subnet on internet/wan zone of three-legged topology

Based on your experience, is there another practical reason for an admin to create a subnet on the internet/unsecure/wan side zone of a three-legged topology except to allocate a pool of address for end-to-site remote access VPN?
Thank you...

DHCP release on disconnect/reboot/shutdown

I work in an environment that has lot of security. They use some type of a Ethernet NAC, so you can’t just plug in any device. It’s IPv4 only.
My co-worker instructed me to do a “ipconfig /release” every time I move a Windows PC between di...

Why does IPv6 NS not use unicast address but multicast

This is a follow up of Why not put unicast address in IPv6 packet containing NDP neighbor solicitation instead of solicited-node multicast address?
The accepted answer makes no sense.
It states the reason is that we do not have a function ...

Ethernet connected router, causes loss of wifi [closed]

I seem to have an issue that started very suddenly.
It started when my router a TP-LINK 841HP 11 channel, while connected to it on my computer, started to drop connection as a loop. (lost connection / reconnect) endlessly (router was setup...