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Assigning IP Address ranges – Protocol, Best Practices

I am looking for standard procedures when assigning a range for static ip addresses. Which are the most commonly used approaches and why. I am trying to look on the internet and this forum, however all the answers I find to t...

Cisco 2960X – Add Stack Member

I need to add another Cisco 2960x stack member to our existing stack and I just want to check that the steps I have in mind are correct:

Power up the new switch and check that IOS matches that of the existing stack
Copy the config from t...

Akku Identity and Access Management for your Business Growth

Akku is an Identity and Access Management solution with a host of features to boost security and productivity across your cloud environment. Read more.

reference to the Attacks toward a DNS server

I am using a model to detect delay changes of a link (IP1, IP2), not physical link. To test this model, I should collect some data in a period where it was an attack toward a DNS server(k-root, m-root).
Have you any reference...

Result of running `restart ipsec-key-management`

I have Juniper SRX 1400 which is used mainly for IPSEC tunnels. And now I facing a bug in firmware with ID PR1085657 (IKE doesn't come up when the SRX is the initiator). Possible solutions to this is to issue command restart ...

Understanding IPV4 private address subnetting

I think I have a decent understanding of subnetting however I'm confused with one little portion pertaining to the private address range 172.16/12

I see a lot of places say that this private address range from 172.16.x.x - ...

Which WAN networks are public and global?

I am not sure if this is correct, but I call network public and global if anyone can access it any country and use it to access any host in this network.

So, such network should have some central authority to control address...

What is my internet speed?

First three days The speed in the Router "" is 5 mbit all the time, and in is 5 mbit.

After 3 days The speed in dropped to 4 mbit, but still 5 mbit in the Router.


I test ...