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Posts published in “Computer & Internet”

Weird WiFi Extender antenna

Home Network Setup:

I have a ****** SH8 router downstairs and a Netgear WiFi extender upstairs. The extender is connected with the VM router.
My pc is connected through Ethernet from the extender.

What happened?

My interne...

Direct packet forwarding by controller

In a SDN network when a switch receives a packet for which it can not find a match in its flow table, it will forward this packet to the controller. The controller will decide about this packet and will forward this packet to...

Can I see what happens when I run a DNS query?

My understanding is that when my computer wants to resolve a host name, it will ask the DHCP-assigned DNS servers first. If those don’t know, it goes and asks the ‘root servers’ who then defer to another server, etc.

Using ...

How Does Making a VoIP call through PSTN Work?

for my college work i was told to draw a diagram showing "information flow" of someone making a VoIP call through PSTN and then explain how it works. After doing research for the last 3h hours stuck im stuck on how a few of t...

F5 BigIQ communication with BigIP

I'm new to F5. Basically a BigIQ centrally manages BigIP load balancers. In order to update the device, I have to login to the UI and apply the changes there. I would like to know how this is done (maybe through API?!) and ho...