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Posts published in “Computer & Internet”

At which layer does router operate?

I have studied from various sources that router is a layer 3 device. It does routing based on Network layer (layer 3) header, but I have a doubt.

Network address translation (NAT) is a feature of Router which is required for routing traff...

AWS direct connect with Cisco ASA redendency

We have following scenario currently and BLUE link is active and running, now i am going to get second link for redendency which is right side of diagram.

As you can see currently i have VLAN 9 (AWS direct connect) conf...

How can I solve bandwidth problem in process of RSPAN Mirroring?

I will try to explain my problem ;

I want to see and analyz the traffic in my LAN Network and I configured RSPAN in the Switches.
But all ports of my switches uses.So If I mirroring all the traffics to the same port(For View...

How to connect 10,000 devices or more [on hold]

I am creating a miniaturized embedded system on a small PCB (like a USB-stick with MCU and embedded software). I want to connect 10,000 or more of these devices to a network, so that I can select and communicate with any one ...

Share Internet Access through Mikrotik AP [on hold]

I have some issues configuring a Mikrotik Metal 2SHPN device.
The network setup is as follows:

A)A home router from the ISP, having IP:, dhcp server running and WIFI Disabled

B)A PC with IP:, connecte...

Configuring big domestic network [on hold]

My network is like this:

ISP modem
Router TP-Link R600v
Switch TP-Link T2600g-18ts
4 Router TP-Link Deco M5 wired to switch working *** access point
for WiFi
6 TVs wired to Switch for streaming
6 WiFi cameras (Arlo Pro) con...

Wired connection between extender and router [on hold]

We have a router which is Huawei HG635 and an extender which is NETGEAR WN3000RPv3.

We would like to use the extender as a hotspot instead of using it as a signal repeater.

Huawei HG635:


Should we connect the...

Classifieds websites IP Problem? [on hold]

Every time I post ad on classifieds websites no matter which country they reject my annonce or they ghost it or they delete it for no reason. I used VPN, Proxy IP, Dedicated IP but neither of the works. Is this an IP issue? O...