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While configuring OSPF the router-Id has the highers ip address?

What is meant by the sentence -

Loopback address is the highest IP address and this means that it is used by OSPF router to advertise the routing information.

For example -

f 0/0 --
f0/1 --

Find MAC address of a remote computer using IP

Is there a way to find out a computer's MAC address if we know its IP address, assuming this computer is outside our LAN? I know we can easily get the physical address of a computer in our LAN using getmac or arp in command p...

Link aggregation: disable spanning tree

It's a simple question, with switch interfaces using etherchannel,is necessary to use bpduguard in these interfaces for that disable Spanning-tree? Because using mode simulation of Packet Tracer, I can see STP Packet coming a...

How to secure DMZ and client-to-client tunnel?

I found out our DMZ zone is not as secure as it should be.
We use NAT to translate internet services from DMZ to internet.
We have some developers out of organization. Some of them connect via client-to-client tunnel to spec...

Distribute eBGP to OSPF

Im trying to connect 2 AS (each using a separate OSPF) with BGP

What i tried so far is:
Router TTCore4:

router bgp 100
neighbor remote-as 200
network mask

router ospf 1
redistribute b...

OSPF cannot communicate inter-area

I'm new to the networking world, and I'm trying to make a simple example yet I can't seem to get it to work.
What I'm trying is just to make 2 routers situated in different areas to communicate (ping) using another router in ...

Why can’t I do a reverse DNS lookup on this IP address? [closed]

I keep noticing that web pages I have open are exchanging messages with third party servers without my permission. This is somewhat annoying, and I would like to find out which pages they are so I can close them. I copied an IP address -...