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Posts published in “Computer & Internet”

QinQ and selective QinQ

What is difference between QinQ and selective QinQ ?

We need to configure selective QinQ VLAN trunk between our setup.

Please help in selective QinQ .

Accessing Internet from a different VLAN. Cisco 200-26

I have just had a cisco 200-26 smart switch with 24 ports. I have set the IP of VLAN1 (also management Lan) to All ports except port 10 and 11 are assigned to VLAN1. Furthermore, I have created another VLAN wit...

Ethernet padding

I'm using Wireshark for my project. I sent a ping over to and Wireshark said that the length was 57 bytes(when I received the reply it was 60 bytes long and it contained 6 bits of padding.
After I decided to send a...

Leased line Vs Broad Band connections

I have a doubt,

What I have understood is that leased line would give full bandwidth for all computers placed in my network (under the firewall) If i am using Leased line connection in my office.
Which means If i have 10MBps leased line c...

Cisco IOS: Limiting internet bandwidth usage for specific VLAN

I would like to limit the usage of a 10 MBit internet connection for a specific internal VLAN to 2 MByte (on a Cisco router, IOS 15.3).

Is that possible in general?

How can the router make sure that the incoming/returning t...

Setting up small office network

I intend to setup a small office network. Based on the article below, it mention that I should use switch for all the LAN points for my cubicles, but I am puzzled.

How does switch issues IP address for each of the machine p...

How is user gaining Remote access via SonicWall without VPN

Hello and thanks in advance for your advice. I recently started supporting a small business and have a problem I can't figure out. The office has 6 remote employees who access the office network via Global VPN software connecting to a TZ...

Same MAC address on different VLANs

I am facing a situation where on the core network I have around 15k MAC addresses, and on the edge switches (Access Layer), I am finding switches with 27k MAC addresses. Access switches are configured to allow one MAC address per interface...

pfSense Site-to-Site routes

I was presented with an issue regarding an actual setup using pfSense at two locations.

pfSense Site A is the OpenVPN Server and B is the client.

Everything works, the LAN on Site A can communicate with LAN on site B and al...