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Posts published in “Computer & Internet”

Cant ping across router?

I am trying to set up communication across a network, and I have run into a bit of a problem.

In the diagram below, why is it that I cannot ping host 2 from host 1? Router 1 has interfaces on both networks net1 and net2.


T-568A/B on the same cable

I'm helping my friend punch down all of the Cat5-e cable in his office. Some of it went to existing patch panel and some went directly into a switch. There are two patch panels, each was about half full. We punched down abo...

“Overclocking” a 10BASE-T ethernet controller

What will happen if I desolder the 25 MHz clock of an ethernet module (like this one; datasheet of the chip) and add a faster clock (say 100 MHz)?
The related product is a 10BASE-T ethernet module. But is the 10 Mbps limit r...

What are real life examples of broadcast and multicast?

In broadcast routing, packets are sent to all nodes even if they do not want it. What is a real life example of "broadcast"? Almost everything I can think of, like GMail and YouTube, appears to be unicast.

Along similar lines whats a rea...

Load Balance with TL-R470T+

I have the TL-R470T+ and i have two different internet connections from two different ISPs. One 39 Mbps and the other 5 mbps and i want to get 44 mbps. When i installed the router on the speedtest showed 44 mbps etc. But with...

Native Vlan Cisco Catalyst and Layer 3 switch

I have run into an interesting issue setting the native VLAN between one of my Cisco Catalyst 2960 and my Layer 3 switch (third party). Here is the setup, the layer three switch is set up to run on native vlan 171 and allows ...

What this subnetting restriction means

I was reading Data Communication book by Forouzan in which there is a one restriction put on CIDR subnetting by Internet authorities:

First IP address in the block should be evenly divisible by the number of addresses. Fo...

What are EUI-48 and EUI-64?

What are EUI-48 and EUI-64 addresses formed and used? Give me examples.

What are MA-L, MA-S and MA-M assignments?

I have read