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Why Japanese culture is the best in the world.


I had a negative image of Japan’s low happiness level and high suicide rate.

However, it turned out that these are essential things to maintain Japanese social order.

Japane has a good social order.

If you drop your wallet in Japan, you will be able to get it back.

I would like to explain the advanced wonderful social system invented by Japanese.

The feature of the Japanese culture is described in [The Chrysanthemum and the Sword]( which is wrriten by Ruth Benedict at 1946.

She considered that European and American put emphasis on inner conscience, while Japanese put emphasis on the gaze of thers such as appearance.

She called them culture of sin and culture of shame.

Their deffelence between the two is based on whether the base of the normative regulation of the act is in inside the self (conscience) or outside the self (worldly).

Culture of sin is based on Christian civilization.

Their action is regulated by their absolute norms that are seen by *** because there is always *** in their mind.

They feel sin when they think that their action break the promise with ***.

On the other hand, culture of shame is based on appearance civilization.

Their action is regulated by their relative norms that are seen by other people.

They do not decide their actions based on their correctness, but decide their one based on how others think about it.

They feel ashamed when they find out that others recognize their action bad.

They feel very embarrassed if someone is aware of their conduct, and as a result they do even die.

In the sense that both maintain the order of society, both culture of sin and culture of shame have the same role.

However, culture of shame has a strong feature that culture of sin does not have.

That is an order maintenance mechanism by natural selection.

It is related to the high suicide rate and the number of bullying in Japan.

Culture of shame excludes the factor which disturbs social order from Japanese society.

For example, they are incompetent or made imstakes.

Bullying is widespread among Japanese young people.

People who are bullied have different opinions and unusual characteristics.

They feel embarrassed about being bullied and do not show anybody a feeling.

Then some of them commit suicide because of their shameful situation.

Beside that, Japanese feel shame when they can not meet thier boss’s expectations.

They willing to accept death when they are ashamed although others never ask them to die.

The system is almost working properly.

Risk factors are eliminated as the victims, and good social order is maintained.

The natural selection select talented and harmless people in Japan, and Japanese society is maintained by them.

If you want to know more about culture of shame, refer to the following page:

– [Shame Culture in Japan](

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