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Salaam Alaiykum! (Peace be upon you!) ​ I want to invite everyone on this sub to check out r/muslimculture. Its just what the name says, a sub on the different facets of Muslim cultures. Architecture, clothing, music, and more! ​ Hope to …

Navagraha Yatra: Tour the Nine Planets of Hindu Astrology


Hindu Astronomy has a branch called Navagrahaswhich has a noteworthy impact in the Hindu cosmic circle. It is said that the Hindu space science’s birthplace goes back to the season of Vedas. It is worried about the nine planets of the smooth way cosmic system, its situation and its impact on the individual and on the world.

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History of Russia in 64 seconds (Russian history is so interesting!)


Here’s the video:

Here’s the summary:

– Kievan Rus’ (Vikings), 9th century

– Golden Horde (Mongols), 1240

– Tsardom of Russia (Tsars in Moscow), 1547

– Russian Empire (Tsars in St Petersburg), 1721

– USSR (Communists), 1922

– Russian Federation (today), 1991

Golden Horde (Mongols), 1240

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