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Foreign culture discussion locations in a Quora answer


I mentioned this subreddit in a post to a Quora “Space” about discussing foreign cultures. I did mention there that Reddit “general culture” lends itself more to discussing video games than culture, but it’s a strength of Reddit that it covers so much scope.

I do most with discussing tea here (at /r tea), but related to being an American living in Thailand I tend to branch into culture and travel discussions some. And I’m into Buddhism, also not tightly related. I’ll mention the places I covered as related to discussions of culture, in case that changes things for interest in reading this: “Interpals” (it is what it sounds like), expat groups, Facebook culture-related groups, here, and in a Reddit expat subforum.

Discussing abstract culture is problematic, about how perspective varies in different places. It works better on Quora to break off limited parts to consider, eg. describing culture shock experiences. Expat groups tend to talk about even more specific and practical issues, eg. where to get the best burger. That Interpals site seems to lead into more to do with dating than anything else, with a discussion space that’s a bit inactive, and strange when discussions do come up.

So it goes online; covering very clearly defined and practical shared interests work best, for example an interest in tea or video games. I ramble on in different places about lots of subjects so I’m not all that concerned with what is well-received anyway.

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