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PEN15 Recap: Let’s Just Not Care

This outing of PEN15 centers on one of the toughest lessons of young adulthood: You rarely get the approval you want, and you rarely want the approval you get. To make matters worse, you’re not experienced enough at that age to adequa…

Do you think that all non-Americans being more cultured and sophisticated than Americans is a total myth?


What I mean by this is that there’s some people out there who consider all Americans to be uncultured and uneducated and how all non-Americans are totally more sophisticated than anyone living in the U.S.

I honestly consider that pure bullcrap. Now I don’t know too much about different cultures considering how I was born and raised in the U.S. and that I’m actually American, but I’m pretty sure there’s bad and ****** people EVERYWHERE, no matter what nationality you are. I can almost guarantee that there are some Brits and Canadians out there who are rude, uncultured, uneducated and immature (probably even more so than most Americans). And it’s honestly really racist to flat out say that all Americans are ****** and that all non-Americans are far more intelligent (like I said, nationality shouldn’t matter at all).

I’m just saying that people really shouldn’t try to generalize other groups of people. Like I said, there’s bad and ****** people everywhere.

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