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China’s “Leftover” men and women really a problem?


This VICE video discusses “leftover” men and women not being able to find a spouse. There are some good points the Chinese citizens bring up about why this might be a bad thing but I also find it unnatural they way they are combating this so called problem. They are leaving the ‘dating game’ up to their parents and this sort of relationship guru who all meet in a national park in China in attempts to randomly hook up two single people whose information he has in his book of contacts.

My questions are…

Is this really as big of a problem as they think it is and is this the right way to handle it?

Does it seem natural that, potentially, the rest of these people’s lives are being hand selected by someone other than themselves?

…and if you watch the video it’s all middle aged parents who all have strict traditional values but when they’re asked “what kind of man or women are you looking for for your son or daughter” they all respond similarly with “someone with money who owns property and is relatively tall in stature” like they’re competing for stats, which they are if you watch the video. The parents walk around this park looking at ‘spreadsheets’ of a person of interest who is sitting right in front of them to see, by their own opinions, if he/she is right for their own adult child. Some parents will straight up be label the person of interest’s flaws right in from of them saying how they are “too old” and ect..

What do you guys think?

Do you think this is a healthy thing to be doing in any culture?

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