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Never Stop Looking Up in Your Marriage

Karen Kain is one of the most respected ballet dancers in the world. She gave over 10,000 performances in her career. Somebody once asked her if age was the dancer’s worst enemy. Karen answered, “Sometimes. But sometimes the dancer’s worst enemy is the…

Seeing the Value of Every Person

Being pro-life means much more than beingagainstabortion. Our value statement on the sanctity of human life reads:
We believe that human beings are created by *** in His image. Therefore every person, from conception to natural death, possesses inheren…

Save the Date: Alive from New York on May 4th!

Planning is well underway for ALIVE FROM NEW YORK, our historic Times Square event scheduled for Saturday, May 4th.
Featuring a live 4D ultrasound of a baby in the third trimester of pregnancy and broadcast on the jumbotrons in the middle of Manhattan,…

Great APP: ellie

Founded by a local mom, ellie is a new app that aims to streamline the communication process for moms’ groups
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