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Teaching Tweens About Empathy

In the age of technology many tweens are lacking empathy – here is how we can teach them more about kindness and understanding.
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Setting Healthy Boundaries with Your Kids

Imagine this scenario: It’s your child’s job to clean up their room, but hours have gone by and they still haven’t gotten the job done, despite repeated reminders from you.
How should you respond?
Lecture them? Ground them? Clean up the room yourself?

What You Need to Be a Happier Mom

A lot of moms say they feel overwhelmed and stressed. Is it any wonder? They’re struggling under the burden of unrealistic expectations – some self-imposed, and some imposed by the culture.
In both cases, the “ideal” mom is often portrayed as a woman w…

Watch: Highlights from Alive from New York!

With nearly 20,000 people jammed into New York City’s Times Square, this past Saturday’s historic “Alive from New York” ultrasound event exceeded all expectations.
Some of you may have been there. Many others may have watched.
As an event, it had it al…

Embracing the Unique Aspects of Male and Female

Remember the name Ivan Pavlov? He was the Nobel Prize-winning physiologist, best known for his experiments involving ringing bells and salivating dogs. It may not surprise you to learn that he conducted other scientific tests as well. One in particular…

Praying and Stepping Out in Faith

Have you ever felt discouraged because *** doesn’t seem to be answering your prayers?
Pastor Mark Batterson has. He was diagnosed with asthma at age 3 and suffered life-threatening attacks for years. At age thirteen, he was rushed to the hospital and s…