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Stranded Killer Whale Survives With Help of Good Samaritans

Rescuers and wildlife officials kept it cool and wet while waiting for a rising tide. The orca returned to sea about six hours after it was spotted on the rugged shores of an Alaskan island.

Looking for low voltage Alexa compatible iot module.

Hi, I'd like to convert an electronic cat toy to an iot device so that I can schedule some play times for when I'm at work. I want to just a module to contacts on the push button and splice onto the 3AA battery supply. The biggest issue that I've found is most of the modules require 5v or 12v. I'd rather not run a dc booster if I don't have to. Does anyone have a small module that runs from roughly 3.7v?

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LoRa Help!

I'm trying to set up a LoRa network, I just got a PyGate, GPy, and LoPy. I'm have a hard time setting them up. I can't seem to find anything online about how to get them from the box to be set up. Is anyone able/ willing to call me? Or have any advice or ideas?

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