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what is this “Possible EventEmitter memory leak detect ed” and what to do about it?

Hi guys, im running a .js file in Putty with my IoT device. the code runs fine and my payload is as it should be. but between the updated lines i get this error;

(node:457) MaxListenersExceededWarning: Possible EventEmitter memory leak detect ed 

I looked it up and the solutions are quite complicated.The issue that I am having is that the IoT hub im "connected" to (confirmed by my code) isn't receiving any of the values. there shouldnt be any characterisitc errors in the string and the connection is there... i just wonder if this is the probem. Ive read online that there is away to get rid of this warning but it doesnt get rid of the underlying error thats causing it.

Apologies if theyre not corralater...i am but a beginner with all of this, especially with java script. just working off examples & learning of other people.

Thanks guys

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Does anybody here use Particle devices?

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