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Posts published in “Science & Technology”

4 Things You Need to Know About Health Care Cyberattacks

Despite the explosion in ransomware hacks like the one against Change Healthcare, regulation is spotty and few new safeguards have been proposed to protect patient data, vulnerable hospitals and medical groups.

FDA Issues Alert on Heart Pump Linked to Deaths

The agency faulted the device maker for delayed notice of mounting complications, citing increasing reports of how use of the device perforated the walls of the heart.

EMQX MQTT broker

Wow! EMQX seems to be the best open source MQTT broker! Do you know any down side of it? Seems so perfect! submitted by /u/IoTrust [link] [comments]

How 2 Families Faced a Catastrophic Birth Defect

Cases of trisomy 18 may rise as many states restrict abortion. But some women choose to have the babies, love them tenderly and care for them devotedly.