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Why do you need an MQTT Client library to connect to an MQTT Broker with Websockets enabled?

I mean shouldn't a ws://broker_ip_address:9001 in a vanilla Javascript + HTML able to provide me information directly from the opened websocket?

Is an MQTT Client needed in order to establish connection to the MQTT Broker, but if that is the case why not just stick to standard MQTT Client and convert the data within the Javascript code instead of providing a websocket?

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Where SDN is used ?

Can someone give me real examples of sdn use ? Is SDN used in home networks ? and small scale networking centers ? submitted by /u/path-hunter1996 [link] [comments]

15 Ways RTLS Disrupts Manufacturing Processes—for the Better

15 examples of how real-time location data helps improve manufacturing. These include automating inventory, providing time-motion histories, and tracking work-in-progress. submitted by /u/staylortay [link] [comments]

TinyML for IoT

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Do We Live in a Simulation? Chances Are about 50–50

Gauging whether or not we dwell inside someone else’s computer may come down to advanced AI research—or measurements at the frontiers of cosmology

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