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Posts published in “Science & Technology”

Research suggestions for final year project

Hi im a highschool senior looking for ideas specifically in the IoT field. Do you guys have any ideas for systems that can be implemented by IoT that havent been done yet? If not then any current IoT systems that are flawed or is lacking in some areas?...

On Native American Land, Contact Tracing Is Saving Lives

As the coronavirus spread on the Fort Apache reservation in Arizona, medical teams sought out residents who might have been exposed. The effort paid off in unexpected ways.

Multicloud – Why?

Hi! I am working right now on a presentation to promote the usage of Multi-Cloud solutions. Do you have some use cases, presentations, articles in mind, that can be helpful around this topic? Best regards! submitted by /u/KleinerFuchs14...

Claims of ‘Ocean’ inside Ceres May Not Hold Water

Final results from NASA’s Dawn spacecraft suggest a brine reservoir exists within the dwarf planet, but some experts remain unconvinced

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