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Posts published in “Science & Technology”

Capturing the Faces of Climate Migration

A Times Magazine series examines how climate change will force millions worldwide to move. Recently, Meridith Kohut photographed people on the front lines of this shift. In America.

Sometimes Food Fights Back

When a species of microalgae gets inside a zooplankton that feeds on it, it smothers the grazer’s eggs and disrupts reproduction.

Exhume President Warren G. Harding? Family Feuds in Court

DNA evidence is persuasive that James Blaesing, 70, is the grandson of the 29th president and his mistress. But his cousins are upset by his plan to exhume Harding’s remains with a reality TV crew.

Can an Algorithm Help Solve Political Paralysis?

As faith in government hits historic lows, organizers in the U.K. are trying a new math-based approach to democracy. Would it work in the bitterly divided U.S?

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The Wildfires: What I Saw When Australia Burned

At one point, the wildfires that country experienced seemed to fade from our memory. Not anymore. And what I witnessed there has shaped my thoughts on what’s raging here.