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Bluetooth Beacon questions

For those of you who use Bluetooth beacons in your solutions: Where do you buy them? What kind of problems do you have with the options that are available? submitted by /u/heresjommy [link] [comments]

New Startup Program!

New Startup Program!

There is a great startup program popped up to me earlier today; I wanted to share the details;


Qubitro for Startups

📣We're excited to launch Qubitro for Startups and the Partner perk program to help startups overcome complexity and bring their solutions into the market faster than ever.

The program offers:

✅ Free platform credits combined with an Enterprise plan.

✅ Free, 1:1 technical support on Slack.

✅ Co-marketing activities for global reach.

🔥 On top of our offerings, our partners are ready to help with exclusive discounts and technical support through our new initiative Partner perk program.

Four pilot companies, RAKwireless, LORIOT, Toit, Microside Technology have already joined the program.

To learn more and apply->

We look forward to expanding our program by partnering with incubators, co-working spaces, and adding more offerings from our partners.

For more info, visit Qubitro Blog


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Uganda Races to Contain a Deadly Ebola Outbreak

The outbreak was caused by the Sudan strain of the virus, which has no approved vaccine or drug treatment. Scientists are now rushing to begin clinical trials in the coming weeks.

IoT in September: a recap

RISC-V to define the future of software-defined vehicles Automotive manufacturers and suppliers are accelerating the move toward software-defined connected vehicles, with increased demands on the computing platform. From entertainment and driver assist...