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How Bioenergy Works Plants use photosynthesis to capture the sun’s energy, and this energy is stored as they grow, providing a well of bi...

Nine COVID-19 Myths That Just Won’t Go Away

From a human-made virus to vaccine conspiracy theories, we rounded up the most persistent false claims about the pandemic

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Remdesivir Tests for Covid Treatments Enter New Phase

A clinical trial showed that remdesivir helped hospitalized patients. Now researchers are asking whether when the drug is paired with another antiviral drug, patients will recover faster.

Need help regarding free IOT simulation softwares

So I'm making a project which requires me to work on managing multiple IOT devices through a common interface. I need a simulation software which could just provide me an api or something similar which I can use to control the IOT devices. I've looked up netsim but unfortunately it isn't free. Is there anything similar to it where I can get similar functionality?

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What’s the deal with AoA/AoD tech? Can two beacons transmit data to one another?

A little background, I'm just now getting into this type of technology and I'm slowly learning more about it each day. I'm very curious about AoA/AoD tech. It seems, to get the best accuracy for asset tracking with fairly exact location is with this tech and currently, it seems very bleeding edge at the moment. Is there anything out there currently, that provides a good working example of this? Also, I'm curious if two beacons can transmit data to one another - I understand that they work like lighthouses, but can they determine what beacon is near it / attempting to interact with it? Sorry if these questions don't make sense... LOL.


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