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As an information technology professional, you have unique and practical knowledge concerning the Internet of Things (IoT) systems and devices and the security risks related associated with the implementation of IoT. Your perspectives on this topic can...

IoT Paradigm

Would you consider applet-based technologies such as IFTTT part of the internet of things paradigm? submitted by /u/mjm431 [link] [comments]


Hey guys I need some help am open to suggestions. I'm trying to do a Lora network with pressure sensor that can measure water pressure and can detect leak , my professor told me that it isn't enough for a thesis it's more like a project , can anyone give me suggestion of how I can make it a thesis

submitted by /u/Yoyobaiji89
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Sensors with Accelerometers

I'm looking for small sensors with built in accelerometers and Bluetooth (or BLE) capabilities. Does anyone have experience with some and can suggest a few products?

Small = a few cm squared (maybe that's too ambitious?)

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