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Global Biodiversity Is in Free Fall

A U.N. report reveals that countries worldwide have failed to meet key conservation targets set for 2020

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How New Mexico Controlled the Spread of COVID-19

The state went after the disease with widespread testing and science-based targets. Now it is in better shape than its neighbors

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Stephen Hinshaw Receives National Academy of Medicine’s Sarnat Award for Contributions to Understanding and Treating Mental Health Conditions in Childhood and Adolescence and Stigma Prevention Efforts

The National Academy of Medicine today announced Stephen P. Hinshaw is the recipient of the 2020 Rhoda and Bernard Sarnat International Prize in Mental Health, for basic and applied research on individuals with externalizing disorders, and for efforts ...

BLE programable modules

Hi, I've been developing a project where I'm using ESP32 and 8266 to communicate eachother via WiFi. It works well, however I think using BLE would be better. I searched some modules, and the most popular are the HM-10, JDY-08, etc. The constraint with those modules is they couldn't have a custom program and I need to use some gpio and a I2C interface.

Also I found the Anaren A20737, it seems good, but it's now obsolete, so I'd like to you advise me to find a module similar to this one. Thanks.

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