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Command and control for raspberrypis.


Hi. I’m wondering if there is already a package for managing a fleet of remote raspberry pis? Here is what I am thinking

1: A way to remotely supply a new wpa-supplicant file without SSH. So for example if no network is available the raspberry pi will connect to my iphone hotspot. But if I update the wpa-supplicant file, it will connect to whatever new network I tell it to.

2: A way to tell it to run a script from a remote place. Ie: Lets say I put a python/bash/whatever script in an S3 bucket, and every 10 minutes that script was downloaded to the rpi and executed. This could also be ansible or anything else really. I mean putting it on the web and using s3 are easy. I’m asking is there already a system/standard for doing this kind of thing?


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