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How to monitor multiple raspberry pi acting as IoT devices?

I am using Google cloud and I have some raspberry pi sending some data. However, I have been looking for a way to monitor when the devices for some reason have stopped working (i.e. lost power and aren't sending data).

I tried looking for ways to do this using IoT Core, but I don't see any implementation of this. I find it odd, but even the method I wanted to try, which was to open an mqtt bridge and send an alert when the device disconnects doesn't seem to work quite like I want to. Basically I am able to be informed about connect/disconnect events, but mqtt connection needs to be renewed constantly so I can't raise an alarm for a "real" disconnection. Reading more about it, apparently the protocol has something in place called "last will and testament" which might do what I want, however IoT core doesn't support it.

So after all this, I still don't have a way to be alerted of a rpi that lost connection for a while. How are people monitoring this sort of thing? I have searched a lot but I can't seem to find an adequate answer.

Any help will be appreciated!

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Thingsboard Installation – Really struggling

I'm technically savvy here, but the instructions to get thingsBoard up and running on either a native Windows OS, or Docker image (running in a Windows environment), i'm plauged with issues and the documentation feels really outdated.

Anyone installed thingsBoard recently, on any platform successfully?

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