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Geo Location Tracking Sensors

Hey, so my expensive Bike was stolen recently. It was inside the building I live a carpark in the cellar and locked to a Anker. Beside me 3 other neighbors got robed as well but they got there locked celler storage rooms broken into. So now I was think...

Using IOT to read hardware inputs?

Hi yall,

I'm a rookie in iOT stuff but working on a project that requires using iot as a middleman between existing hardwares (no surprise there) such as-

HW-1 -------- IOT ---------> HW-2

I'm wondering if its hard to detect what kind of inputs HW1 might be sending to HW2 and if there's anyway iOT can detect and manipulate the input to HW2 to perform it the other way around.

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Help with IOT Omni smart bike lock

This is really a shot in the dark but has anyone had experience with using Omni's smart bike lock? I'm having some technical difficulties using their test fleet APK app in conjunction with my lock. Omni's customer support is near impossible to get a hold of so I'm resorting to scouring the internet for help.

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Don’t Expect a COVID Vaccine before the Election

A vaccine made by Pfizer could seek emergency approval by the third week of November, but it likely won’t be available to the public until mid- to late 2021

--

Leading Scientists Urge Voters to Dump Trump

Journals and Nobelists, usually cautious, cite unprecedented damage and incompetence in calls for a U.S. leadership change

--

Need help w building a sensor device

Hi, I am new to the hardware. I need a sensor device that can flash flight and send a notif when there is a person on a specific spot, and turn light off and send another notif when the person is gone. Will you please guide me through how to make it? I...