Charli XCX: ‘Every single thing is work for me. Everything is music’

The UK queen of rowdy partygirl pop on touring with Taylor Swift, being a workaholic - and not smiling to order She can’t help herself, Charlotte Aitchison, better known as the musician Charli XCX – she’s obsessed with cars. Not in a Top Gear-quoting, ooh-what’s-under-the-hood kind of way: she couldn’t care less how many miles you get out of your Polo. Aitchison is more taken with the kind of car that comes with a driver and has enough space in the back for a sizable social gathering. Over a productive, decade-long career, in which this 25-year-old has turned out hours of thrilling and influential party music, she has always used cars as motifs for fun and for escape. I think of the “beemers” and “limousine-ers” in 2017’s brilliant earworm Dreamer, or the Porsches and passenger-seats that worked as lyrical fodder in this year’s bracing mixtape Pop 2. The car, to Aitchison, is a creative space. We’re sitting in a brasserie near her record label’s offices in west London and she’s telling me about her mum and dad driving her down here this morning from their home in Hertfordshire, Aitchison silent in the back of their family wagon, gazing out of the window with her headphones in, listening to her own music on repeat – a series of new singles that she’ll release through the summer. Continue reading...

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