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China non woven bags manufacturer

China Non woven bags 

China non woven bags supplier & manufacturer, our products already well received in Europe, America, Japan, Malaysia, HK, Taiwan and China since 2003. Our state of the art manufacturing facilities always lead us to offering you the best in terms of quality. We are a renowned non woven bags supplier, who always focuses on client priorities and requirements. No matter how many bulk orders you place, we are always ready to serve you. It is because of our excellence in manufacturing and durability that we enjoy repeat clients. Our product catalogue is huge and since our products are eco-friendly, there is no worry about harm being caused to the environment. for more info please visit our site at

Address :- Room 1609-12A Nan Fung Tower, 173 Des Voeux Road Central, HongKongContact No. :- 0086-13662257775

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