Cisco Router (ISR4221) Throughput – Why so slow?

        I'm looking for a new router for a new branch of hour company. I got experience with cisco L2 & L3 Switches but not that much with Routers.
I was looking at the ISR4000 series, specifically the ISR4221. In the datasheet it's stated that the throughput is 35Mbps. This throughput is even advertised as "good" (up to 75mbps). Now I'm confused, this does not sound as much to me. We have a 1gbps Internet connection on that branch. I even have a 500mbit connection at home and even my cheap commercial router at home can handle that speed. What am I getting wrong here? What is exactly meant by this throughput? Will I be able to use the full speed of my 1gpbs uplink? Thank you for your time fellas!

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