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Cisco WLC topology for a multi-site deployment

        I have three physical sites (geographic locations) that are connected together via IKE tunnels, and each site is on a different subnet. I want to deploy wireless access points across these sites with some SSIDs that are similar in nature/configuration and others that are location-specific.
I would love to deploy a central WLC in the cloud or in one location and have all of the access points use that controller, so I can manage them centrally. However, I need to be able to access certain local resources when the cloud or the site-to-site tunnels are down and the local WAPs can't access the WLC. For this reason, I want to deploy local WLCs (embedded controller in an AP master). However, in this scenario configuring each one and synchronizing configuration changes where the configuration is similar across the sites is cumbersome. Is there a way to use the local WLCs (i.e., embedded) as as backups or secondaries and have a central WLC (standalone, physical or virtual) where all configuration takes place? This question is likely similar to the one here: WLC geographical redundancy, except the answer is likely outdated, my topology/details may be different, and importantly my question relates to the Embedded Wireless Controllers found in modern Catalyst access points (and equivalent 9800-series physical or virtual standalone controller), as opposed to mobility express or other legacy products circa 2013.

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