Classification of strategic games

Classification of strategic games, in which they are divided into step-by-step and in real time, is not only correct. Sometimes a special sub-strategies allocate economic simulations, wargames (war games) and the global strategy regardlessis it the gameplay in real time or step by step.

Economic simulation strategy, in which the military party is not in principle so that the player is required only to build the economy (and make it much more complicated than in the non-economic policies). Sometimes they are rivals (competitors), but hostilities with them is still not happening. Economic simulations — a very specific genre, this game “on the fan”.

Most economic games happening in real time, but with a typical RTS like WarCraft or Command&Conquer, they have very little in common. This genre does not require the player’s reaction speed, since at any moment you can put a pause in the game (but usually is not required, the game develops very slowly and smoothly).

In my humble opinion online casinos are games as for fun as for money. In some case they are economic simulation strategy where probability theory and mathematics plays a great part. Like real-money-poker is the best way to use skills of mathematicks and psychology like in economic simulation.

Bildergebnis für tycoonThe most common business simulators (“tycoon”, from common in their names the word tycoon “tycoon”). The first game of this kind was the game Sid Meier’s Railroad Tycoon. In the simulator business the player controls as a huge industrial companies ( Capitalism II , Industry Giant II ), and more small enterprises, such as the lunchroom or the zoo (these simulators are of a less serious nature and are often designed not for the fact that the player had long figured out the situation and took the best decisions, but simply for his entertainment; to play in such games is not easy, as opponents explicitly not). Very common transport economic simulation games such as Transport Tycoon .

Among other economic strategies can be noted such subgenres as urban simulation (the most known gave rise to this genre of game SimCity , and a series of urban games, which takes place in the ancient world — Caesar III , Zeus: Master of Olympus , etc.; in the last series of present hostilities), sports managers (in which the player directs the sports club, football usually, but not involved in the matches directly, and performs the role of a coach and team Manager), simulation of life (a very specific genre, derived from the Sims ).

In connection with the General global development of the Internet gaining strength of the economic online game that is the game representing a world with its own rules and laws in which the player is given the opportunity to engage in active commercial activity: build commercial and manufacturing enterprises and facilities, develop natural resources, to conduct an active financial and banking activities within the game space.

Strategy in which there is no economic component. Usually it is a game in which the player controls a squad or army during the battle. An example of the most popular games include some mods for Sudden Strike and Blitzkrieg.

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