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Cold People by Tom Rob Smith review – a chilling vision of a new society

An alien invasion forces humanity to reinvent itself in an ambitious, cinematic thriller that tackles the weightiest issues of our age Cold People is Tom Rob Smith’s fifth novel, but in the years since his bestselling debut, Child 44, he has also developed a parallel award-winning career as a screenwriter, and the influence of a more visual form is subtly felt throughout this cinematic speculative fiction about the future of humanity. The premise is classic disaster movie territory, almost to the point of cliche: an alien invasion threatens to wipe humanity from the face of the Earth. The planet’s population is given 30 days to relocate to Antarctica, which will become a vast reservation for the remnants of the species; there they will either die out or adapt, depending on their willingness to work together. But the alien overlords are not the focus of Smith’s interest here; they are no more than a device to effect this revolutionary reinvention not only of human society, but of humanity itself. Continue reading...

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