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Combining bandwidth of multiple ethernet ports in office [closed]

        Note: not a network engineer, hopefully my question is clear.
My company has 4 employees, and is in a small office within a large coworking space. The office provides us with 4 ethernet ports. Each employee has a desktop connected to one ethernet port. We do not know what the infrastructure behind these ethernet ports is. We have noticed that each of us can pull in 100mbit/s at all times, whether other people are using the connection or not. I take this to mean that the total bandwidth for our office is (at least) 400mbit/s, but each port individually is throttled to 100mbit/s. I am looking for a way to pool the bandwidth of these four ports such that we still have 400mbit/s in total, but so that if only one person is downloading something, they can download at 400mbit/s. Is this possible using a load-balancing router? Is there some other solution I should be looking into? Thanks in advance!

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