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Conjuring Kesha: the pop star’s ghost-hunting show is a bizarre blast

Kesha and her celebrity friends search for the paranormal in a ridiculously stupid and ridiculously entertaining new series For the most part, investigative paranormal shows leave me totally cold. Almost without exception they consist of people in a room, in the dark, performatively overcompensating to clanks. If you have seen one episode of any investigative paranormal show, you have seen every episode of every investigative paranormal show, and anything more than that is overkill. And then I saw Conjuring Kesha and completely changed my mind. As you may have already grasped, Conjuring Kesha is an investigative paranormal show that happens to star Kesha, the famous pop star. And that means it is, by some degree, much better than anything else the genre has ever produced. Continue reading...

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