Connected to Linksys CISCO router, but no actual wifi [on hold]

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I have a linksys cisco router (WRT160N V2). I plugged the router into a working ethernet outlet in the wall. I then plugged my computer into the router and tried to configure it by going to My computer is able to see and connect to the linksys wifi and have full bars. However, it will not actually run searches. At the configuration area I tried:
  • a wifi protected setup (it got to 99% and then said)
  • manual setup (it seems to have worked, but still no wifi)
    • I tried changing different channels (1 and 6)
    • I also tried changing it so that I was using auto and standard radio band.
  • to change it to a static IP
Am I just missing something big? Do I just need a modem and a coaxial? I've looked it up and it seems like I can just plug it straight into the wall. I'm attaching a picture of some of my setup. Picture enter image description here

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