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Consent and Debriefing Forms


As part of a research project, I would like to invite you we to participate in a study that will explore the social psychology of group behavior and it relationship to individual behavior. We seek to determine the reason student groups influence individuals to engage in unhealthy practices regardless of the consequences. The study will target the students on campus and the various and their groups. The study will carry out its research on seventy participants at most. In this study, we will first request that you provide basic information about yourself.  Then we will request that you complete questionnaires that ask a variety of questions that require honest and diligent answers.  The study will take a short while complete. The procedure in the project described above has minimal effect on the participant; however, will engage the participant in psychologically uncomfortable questions. The participants will not accrue any form of compensation, and the project will not offer any other form of benefit from participation in this study. Signed consent forms and demographic information will get stored in a safe area within the filing research office in an orderly manner for reference purposes. The participant has the mandate to cancel participation in the study at any time.


            The researcher described the investigation and my role in the study to me, and I comprehend his/her explanation.  I am conversant with the procedures as well as the potential risks and discomforts. The researcher has afforded me the opportunity to ask questions, and the respective persons answered all such issues and inquiries to my satisfaction.

 I provide my consent to enroll in this investigation by signing the consent


Participant’s Signature                                    Date

            Debriefing Form for Participation in the Research Study

            We thank you for your participation in our study! We value the contribution you make greatly.

Purpose of the Study:

The respective parties earlier indicated the ulterior motives of the research that is to explore the social psychology of group behavior and it relationship to individual behavior.  The goal of our research is to analyze the psychological influence of groups on individuals hence prompting them to undertake make and execute undesirable behavioral decisions. The study evaluates the relationship between the beliefs and expectation of the individual as well as that of the group.

We understand that several queries asked may have aggravated strong emotional responses and some nasty experiences. We also realize that the nature of the questions may be personal; however, as researchers, we do not provide mental health services. Moreover, we will not be following up with you after the study.  However, we want to provide every participant in this study with an inclusive and accurate list of available clinical resources, should you decide you need assistance at any time.  Please refer to the information about local resources at the end of this form.


If you fill that that you do not want your information used in this research. Kindly consult the respective researcher and fill in the forms for termination of participation from the study if you would like your information withdrawn from the study and permanently obliterated. See to it that your information gets destroyed by the present researcher.

The information pertaining the procedures and other elements of the study are confidential and random for better results. Therefore, kindly do not disclose research processes and theories to anybody liable for participating in this investigation in the future because it could have an impact on the results of the study.

Final Report:

We will upload the information to the internet for everybody to access. Please feel free to contact us, if you would like to receive a copy of the final report of this study (or a synopsis of the findings) when the study gets completed.

Useful Contact Information:

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this study, its purpose or procedures and would like to air out your views contact us through the appropriate channels. Similarly, if you have a research-related problem, please feel free to get in touch with the researcher(s) through the following contacts. [insert name(s), phone number(s) and email address(s)].

If you feel distressed after having completed the study or some questions or elements of the study sparked anguish, seeking qualified clinician services may help.  If you think that you need assistance, please contact the Grand Canyon Campus Counselor for more details and professional advice.

Further Reading(s):

If you would like to get more details more on social psychology of group behavior and its relationship to individual behavior, please refer to the following references:

Strmer, S., & Snyder, M. (2009). The Psychology of Prosocial Behavior: Group Processes, Intergroup Relations, and Helping. Hoboken: John Wiley & Sons.

Gilbert, D. T., Fiske, S. T., & Lindzey, G. (1998). The Hand Book of Social Psychology. Boston: Mass

Requirements for Informed Consent Forms

The informed consent is a moral concept that every patient should be conversant and get acquainted with before agreeing to be a subject for any experiment. Since human experimentation is a sensitive issue, the informed consent should meet the requirements as stipulated by the laws and acts of the state. The informed consent form should contain the following in the general body. The informed consent form should provide the nature and purpose procedure, the risks and benefits of the purpose treatment and alternatives among others. The document should also have the risks and benefits of the options and also the risks and benefits of not undergoing the process (Bankert& Amdur, 2006). The details of the document should provide for its legal validity as such the document should have the following sections. The document should have the date and time of the consent, statement that the procedure got explained, signature of the witness and name and signature of the person that explained the process.


Bankert, A., & Amdur, J. (2006). Institutional review board: Management and function. Sudbury, Mass: Jones and Bartlett.

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