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Construction conditions and precautions for the sports floor of the basketball hall

For a professional basketball floor, the effect of the post-stage use is not only related to the quality of the floor, but more importantly, the quality of the construction is also ensured, as this will directly affect the normal use of the player. Today, the Euclidean floor mainly introduces the construction conditions and precautions for the elastic flat PP mat volleyball sport flooring in the basketball hall. Let’s take a look at it:

  1. Basketball sports floor construction conditions
    1) Generally speaking, before the construction of the sports floor, the civil works in the interior should be completed. The important construction conditions require that the site of the construction site be clean and tidy. The quality of the ground construction should meet the requirements of the architectural design. It has been waterproofed and moisture-proof. , gas and other basic treatment.
    Construction conditions and precautions for the interlock detachable elastic flat PP mat sport flooring of the basketball hall
    2) The installation of water, electricity, steam, ventilation, etc. in the venue is over. After the water network pipeline has been completely tested, it is confirmed that the design requirements have been met before it can be used normally.
    3) Cross-construction should be avoided. If cross-construction is really required, it must be negotiated by the general contractor, the project supervisor, and the installation team to clarify responsibilities, reach consensus, and form a written summary.
    4) Determine the moisture content of the sports flooring material as well as the indoor ground humidity and atmospheric humidity.
    2, some things to pay attention to when installing basketball sports floor
    Construction conditions and precautions for the sports floor of the basketball hall
    1) Site inspection must be carried out to clean the ground debris and clean the ground, in order to ensure that the sports floor can be completely flat and integrated with the ground during the installation process.
    2) It is the installation work of the mezzanine, mainly to ensure that the sports floor has two functions of cushioning and shock absorption. This is the important installation part of the sports floor. The sports floor must be professionally installed during the installation process. The personnel to operate can ensure that the performance of the detachable elastic flat PP mat sport flooring manufacturer can be better played.
    3) Laying the surface layer, the surface layer is an important key factor to determine the level of the sports floor, which can be selected according to the needs of the venue.
    4) Standard acceptance should be done on the material. For important paving materials such as surface flooring, wool flooring, wood-based panels, keels, elastic pads, and floor nails, these materials must meet national standards before they can be used in the venue, especially for The problem of the moisture content of sports flooring is particularly important.

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