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ACM/IEEE-CS Joint Task Force on Software Engineering Ethics and Professional Practices. (1999). Software engineering code of ethics and professional practice.

The ACM/IEEE-CS joint task force that developed the Software Engineering Code of Ethics and Professional Practices (SEEPP) aimed at promoting professionalism among software engineering professionals. The code states that it is the duty of software engineers to be committed to making the analysis, design, specification, development, testing, and maintenance of software a beneficial and respected profession. The software engineers shall be guided by eight principles namely 1) public (act consistently with the public interest), 2) client and employer (preserve their best interests), 3) product (ensure the products meet the highest professional standards), 4) judgment (maintain integrity and independence in their professional judgment), 5) management, 6) profession (advance the integrity and reputation of the profession), 7) colleagues (be fair and supportive to colleagues), and 8) self (participate in lifelong learning).

Beckman, J. (2013, February). A very special responsibility [Editorial]. Planning, 79(2), 52. Retrieved from Academic Search Complete database

This article reflects on the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct in which it highlights the responsibilities if urban planners and how their current actions and decisions have a long-term influence. Urban planners must exercise independent professional judgment in all what they do to improve the lives of clients and employers and the public.

Gough, M. (2006, May). IT professionalism: Strategy into action. IT Now.

IT professionals contribute significantly to the success of businesses especially those that depend largely on Information Systems (IS). IT professionals ensure that these companies are uniquely positioned by combining business knowledge with problem-solving and project management skills.

Green, A. (2013, July 22). What does it mean to be professional at work? [Web log posting]. US News and World Report.

The article provides ten core elements of professionalism at work that an individual should apply in their career. These are 1) pay attention to the cultural norms of the organization and comply with them, 2) be pleasant and polite to everyone, even when you do like them, 3) take work seriously, 4) be flexible, 5) express oneself either ****** or in writing clearly and professionally, 6) speak up when things aren’t getting done on time or when challenges are encountered with a project, 7) show up reliably, 8) know that getting feedback at one’s work is part of the job; it’s not personal, 9) never treat your supervisor as your adversary and 10) be helpful and do more than your job description.

Of the behaviors and attitudes your readings associated with professionalism, identify the three that seem most important to you?

a)    The principle of public that is acting in a manner that puts into consideration the best interests of their client consistent with the public interest

b)    The principle of product that is ensuring that the products meet the highest professional standards possible

c)    Realizing that receiving feedback in one’s job is part of the job; it’s not personal

Which of the readings seems most important or useful for your understanding of what it means to be a professional in your field?

The reading “What Does It Mean to Be Professional at Work?” is the most important because it outlines the manner in which an individual should behave when at their work.

Which of the readings seems least important or useful for your understanding of what it means to be a professional in your field?

The reading “IT professionalism – strategy into action” is the least important because it focuses on IT professionals yet collaboration of all people achieves the workplace results

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