Cradlepoint IBR1100 Router Randomly Looses GPS Position [on hold]

I have an IBR1100 CradlePoint router on a Truck in Ontario, Canada. The router reports back the GPS of the vehicle to a TCP server.

GPS fails occasionally with no clear pattern. The router is still connected to the carrier, and there are no errors on the TCP server.

Checking router logs remotely via SMS always returns "lost position" and "No gps sample":

ID9,2018-09-13 10:18:22: lost position ID10,2018-09-13 10:18:22: No gps sample

Rebooting of the router remotely via SMS always corrects the problem. The most recent instance, we rebooted just the Modem, which also corrected the problem. The Modem does have the latest Firmware.

I can not find any internet literature on these logs. CradlePoint support has not been helpful.

The IBR1100 runs Linux. It has been suggested that perhaps one of the "services" needed to capture GPS is failing.

Question 1: How do I check what services are required?

Question 2: How do I check which services are running?

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