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Create a Publicly Visible Video Stream using Raspberry Pi (Video Stream Part 2)

<*** class="md">Greetings, Everyone!

I'm excited to share with you all a new tutorial that builds upon my previous guide on streaming video from a Raspberry Pi camera to your local computer via the local network. In this follow-up tutorial, I take it a notch higher by demonstrating how you can extend this stream to be accessible on any WiFi-enabled device. Through detailed steps, I'll guide you on how to achieve this using Python and the necessary tools. Check out the tutorial here: Raspberry Pi Camera Streaming Tutorial.

If you haven't seen the first part of the series, I highly recommend starting there to get up to speed.

This project is an excellent opportunity for beginners to dive into the fascinating world of DIY tech projects. It's not only free but also straightforward to get started.

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Thank you for your attention and support!

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