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Culture: A Deep Dive Exploration

<*** class="md">Name cultural works, people, characters, series, films, books, or other cultural resources related to each of these things, as long as they have a common link, whether close or deep. KNOWLEDGE, I WANT MORE. Do not repeat or mention anything already on the list, please:

Agatha Christie, Sherlock Holmes, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, The Mentalist, Physiognomy, Phrenology, Poetry, Formal Spanish Language, Dona Barbara, Dysfunctional Loves, The Children of Divorce (1927), Metropolis (1927). Family Portrait of Affliction, Catherine of Siena, Romeo Gigli, Club Penguin, The Owl Who Didn't Give a Hoot.

Elizabeth Taylor, Angela Lansbury, Nikolai Gogol, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, manipulative old women, volcanic women, novels about fathers with daddy issues and violent alcoholism, alcoholic grandfathers who don't play their part and are enslaved by their wives and who hide sugar. Genuflecting capital letters: “The purple Esparto Valley, with its socialist classicist architecture, where ****** and other infamies were committed”.

A child born with an abysmal interior, who does not like human passions, so soft and romantic, because they are perfidious; a loss of time and logic to live; and funnier to watch, who wants to be chaste and does not like the society of his time. Cryptic and suspenseful stories that make sense in the end, eccentric characters like Auntie Mame.

Elaine Stritch, Ridi Pagliacci, Diogenes vs. Voltaire, Ana María Navales y Aragón, the work of Leo Tolstoy, Basilio Fernández López, César Vallejo. José Martí's “Amor Con Amor Se Paga”, Les fleurs du mal, Alfonsina Storni, Rubén Darío, Miguel Hernández, Delmira Agustini, Juan Rulfo and Vicente Aleixandre. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night.

William Blake and his Fly, José Carlos Bruna, Sue Coe, Bestiary of Men, José Luis Cuevas, Jan Konupek, John Steuart Curry, Wolfgang Paalen, Lynd Ward, Albion's Dream. Kibrik Evgeny Adolfovich, Fritz Eichenberg, Frans Mesereel, Gennady Kalinovsky, Nuria Quevedo, Käthe Kollwitz, Max Ernst, Sadao Hasegawa, Ben Kimura, Bill Schmeling and Touko Valio Laaksonen, A Confederacy of Dunces.

Machiavelli guides, life manuals and procedures; clarified as if it were a war, unreal lives created in their minds, interesting facts and anthropology, Charles Le Brun, Rob Gonsalves, Tina Modotti, José de Almada Negreiros. How to create a secret society, old books on religions or beliefs, psychological tricks… Christopher Nevinson, Eileen Myles, Charles Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Lucille Ball. Emotionalism is ungrateful, Boris Artzybasheff, Eduardo Mendoza, José Ángel Buesa, Antonio Porchia, Alejandra Pizarnik, Vitaly Volovich, Octavio Paz, Juan José Saer, Juan Carlos Onetti, Ramón López Velarde, Ángel Gonzá*** Muñiz, Norman Lindsay… The history of Turin, Piedmont, and the Valleys of Lanzo and Susa.

Brazil (Terry Gilliam), Dictionary of insults, David Bowie, Epistolography as a profession.

And everything related to the above.

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