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Grinding fluid is used correctly

customized metal cutting disc

The cutting blade is the main tool for grinding and is a porous object composed of abrasive and binder.
Among them, abrasives, binders, and pores are the three basic components of the customized metal cutting disc. With the different manufacturing processes of abrasives, binders and dicing sheets, the characteristics of the dicing sheets may vary greatly, which has an important influence on the precision, roughness and production efficiency of the grinding process. Therefore, it is necessary to select a suitable cutting piece according to specific conditions.
Yongkang Jinlida Electromechanical Abrasives Manufactory is a small and medium-sized manufacturer specializing in the production of cut pieces. It is loved by customers. Now it has distributed agents all over the country, and many foreign trade orders have been completed. The products are widely known.
Jinlida produces a variety of suitable cutting sheets. The whole factory has more than 130 kinds of specifications, which can meet the requirements of most customers for cutting sheets, whether it is cutting sheets, grinding sheets or hundreds of impellers.

Dry abrasive or wet grinding can be used for grinding of superabrasive cutting blades. However, the use of wet grinding not only extends the life of the cutting piece but also prevents the workpiece from being burnt.
Different grinding fluids will make the cutting ratio of the cutting disc several times or even ten times different. The degree of mechanical wear, chemical attack and thermal damage of the cutting piece during the grinding process is closely related to the cooling effect. However, when using CBN cutting sheets for wet grinding, it should be noted that CBN reacts with water vapor and oxygen in the air at high temperatures to form ammonia and boric acid (BN+3H2O→H3BO3+NH3). This reaction is called hydrolysis. Accelerate the wear of the cutting piece.
Therefore, water-soluble oils or aqueous solutions with extreme pressure additives are often used in use to attenuate the hydrolysis. When the cutting piece is wet-milled with different grinding liquids, the relative life of the CBN cutting piece is different, the cutting piece cooled by pure oil has the longest life, the life of the water-soluble oil-cooled cutting piece is second, and the cutting piece cooled by water and the anti-rust additive is used. The life expectancy is the lowest.

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