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Cutting part processing method

All aluminum flat cutting disc are relatively fragile and must be handled with care when handling.
Should do:
1. The received cutting piece should be inspected immediately to confirm that the 5 inch resin cutting disc for metal is not damaged or cracked during transportation.
2. The support for the cutting piece must be firm.
3. Carefully transfer the cutting piece to the shelf.
Not allowed:
1. Wrap the cutting piece with a material that is easy to absorb moisture.
2. Roll the cutting piece on the ground.
3. Lean the cutting piece against the device.
4. Stack other workpieces and parts on the cutting piece.
Saving of the cutting piece
When storing cut pieces, provide suitable shelves for different types of products.
Should do:
1. Provide reasonable support for all kinds of cutting pieces stored.
2. According to the size and shape of the cutting piece, the cutting piece is placed vertically or flat.
3. Store the cutting piece in a dry place.
Not allowed:
1. Store the cutting piece in a damp place.
2. Store the fiber cutting disc Chinese supplier in a place where the temperature changes greatly.
3. Store the cutting piece at a temperature near freezing or near freezing.

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