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Cutting piece knowledge

The cutting piece belongs to the resin EN12413 cutting discs and is made of the abrasive, binder resin or the like for ordinary steel, stainless steel metal, and non-metal sheets.
It is made of glass fiber and resin as the reinforced bonding material. It has a high tensile, impact and flexural strength. It is widely used in the production of ordinary steel, stainless steel and non-metal. The excellent materials and exquisite craftsmanship guarantee different materials. High cutting efficiency and optimum economics of the workpiece.
The cutting sheets are mainly classified into fiber resin cutting sheets and diamond cutting sheets according to materials.
1. Resin cutting piece is made of resin as a bonding agent, glass fiber mesh piece as bone and bone, combined with various materials, especially for alloy steel, stainless steel, and other difficult cutting materials, the cutting performance is particularly remarkable. Dry and wet cutting methods make the cutting precision more stable. At the same time, the choice of material and hardness of the cutting piece can greatly improve your cutting efficiency and save your production cost.
2, diamond cutting sheet is a cutting tool, widely used in stone, concrete, prefabricated panels, new and old roads, ceramics and other hard and brittle materials processing. The diamond cutting piece is mainly composed of two parts; the base body and the cutter head. The base body is the main support part of the bonding cutter head, and the cutter head is the part which is cut during use, the cutter head is continuously consumed in use, and the base body does not, the cutter head can cut The role is because it contains a diamond, which is the hardest material at present. It rubs and cuts the object to be processed in the cutter head, while the diamond particles are wrapped in metal inside the cutter head.
Cutting blade specifications
The cutting piece belongs to the grinding wheel and is a sheet made of ordinary steel, stainless steel metal and non-metal material made of abrasive and binder resin.
The specifications of the cutting discs produced by different cutting chip manufacturers are also different, but they have one common feature, which is composed of three parameters, which represent the outer diameter, thickness, and aperture of the China cutting disc for metal, such as some kind of cutting. The specification of the sheet is: 4001.232, which means that the outer diameter of the cutting piece is 400mm, the thickness is 1.2mm, and the aperture is 32mm.
Now let me introduce the specifications of the cutting piece:
No net cutting piece specifications: 1800.3mm32, 1800.4mm32, 1800.5mm32, 1800.6mm32, 1800.7mm32;
With enhanced mesh cutting blade specifications: 1800.5mm32, 1800.6mm32, 1800.7mm32, 1800.8mm32, 1800.9mm32, 1801.0mm32,180 1.1mm32.


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