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Cyber spying


Cyber spying is the pilfering or the act of accruing data from another person without their consent. It is a heinous act that costs companies and governments up to millions and even billions of funds. The diverse applications of the internet and the social media channels are making the practice very easy. It is also affecting the relations between varying states. One such case is the indifference between the U.S. and China. The paper reviews previous statements and policies the U.S. government made regarding cyber-spying with regards to accusations that cyber-spying in China costs the government a lot of funds. The paper examines the possibility of a sane solution that will end up with a win-win for both states.

Cyber spying is one of the greatest challenges that many countries face in the world today. The rate of cyber-spying will barely even though the U.S. government made a bold move to stop the vice. Currently, there are very many nations that thirst for information to about other countries economy to create an advantage over the other states. Moreover, there is a rampant increase and diversification of informatics that makes the process easier. It is also a fact that the number of people with the skills to commit these heinous crimes are increasing abruptly around the globe. These reasons make it more and more difficult for the state to subjugate cyber-spying (Nakashima& Wan, 2014).

Cyber spying’s hard to handle because other states barely cooperate and collaborate to deter the vice. Every involved government should show willingness to tackle the issue of cyber-spying jointly. Cyber-spying will not stop as it provides many gains even if the U.S. government indicts Beijing. Poor relations between China and U.S. serve as a hindrance to the prospect of stopping cyber-spying. Even though the situation seems grim, there is a possibility to stop cyber-spying. However, it will take the joint effort of all the nations involved in the process (Nakashima& Wan, 2014).

The endeavors done by the U.S. government to stop cyber-spying are commendable; however, there are more strategies that the government can utilize to stop the heinous act. The government should obtain fresh talent to create new and reliable authentication processes that are less prone to cyber-attacks (hacking). The government should continually ensure that they update the systems making them more active by the day since more and more people are getting conversant with the technology. It is extremely difficult to keep up with the current trends in the world especially the growth of technology; therefore a preferable method of preventing cyber-spying is advocating for its abolition. The government should create awareness on its stand on the subject of cyber-spying (Winkler, 2005).

As stated earlier the efforts made by the government are very impressive; the situation asks for more. It is clear that the international relations between the China and U.S. are poor. The relations between the two countries will worsen if nothing gets done; therefore the negotiations between the two nations are mandatory. The negotiations between the two nations may not better the situation; however it is a matter of picking the better half of the two. If no action gets taken, the relations between the two governments will continue to deteriorate.


Cyber espionage is a critical issue that mandates the utmost attention as it has detrimental effects on the economy of countries. The endeavors of the government are commendable; however, it needs to input more effort on the matter. The government needs to advocate more for the seizure of the heinous act and build more exposure regarding its policies on the issue.


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