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Daniel Radcliffe reader interview: ‘I’m obsessed with Bargain Hunt’

The actor answers your questions about his Weird Al moustache, nerding out in front of Rihanna and what he would take to a desert island You’ve played everything from a sentient corpse in Swiss Army Man and a man turning into a devil in Horns to a doctor who has imaginary conversations with his older self … Do you just tell your agent: “As long as it’s weird, I’m in?” NessaTheConfessor and SarahTitch Not quite that broadly. I certainly get sent a lot of crap weird stuff now, too. I don’t see my own sensibilities as being that weird. If you can tell a story in a manner that’s initially kind of insane, you connect differently to the audience. If you sit down and lecture somebody on how shame keeps us from love, that’s quite dry. But if you make it a farting corpse being used as a jetski, like in Swiss Army Man, that’s a conversation. Guns Akimbo was less symbolic, with guns for hands. The scene where I’m trying to go to the toilet is what I would want to see as an audience member – in the same way as, just once, you want Spider-Man to land on a building and go: “Oooh, my feet.” Getting to play insane stuff is definitely something I enjoy. Continue reading...

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