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Data Flow between VLANS

Last updated on December 23, 2018

        I have a setup like this. (Yes, I suck at Paint)
enter image description here What I know is: 1) Only the ASA knows sees PCA AND PCB. Because the ASA is the only one who is connected to both VLANS. Am I right? If I want to Download a File from PCB to PCA. Does the file (10GB big), uses Route1 (the blue one) for the whole 10GB file? OR does the ASA say to the PC something like "Hey the PC is connected to PORT1, you don't have to send the whole package over cable1 and cable2!" and then the File never leaves the Switch and goes over Route2 (the black one)? I want to know this, because our Server and Clients are on different VLANS. If the file never leaves the Switch, I will put the Clients with the Server they need most often on the some switch.

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