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Development method of diamond cutting piece

  1. Selection of diamond particle strength. resin EN12413 cutting discs rely on grinding agents and cutting to process materials. Therefore, in the selection of diamond particles, diamonds with stable performance and not easy to be broken should be selected.

  2. Enhance the degree of bonding of diamonds. A layer of strong carbon compound is plated on the surface of the diamond to form a metal element such as plated, titanium, nickel or tungsten to cover the surface of the diamond to improve the bonding of the diamond and improve the cohesive force of the diamond, which is not premature in the cutting process. Fall off and keep the diamond sharp.

  3. Correctly match the diamond particles. Within a certain range, the sharpness of the cutting piece varies with the concentration of the diamond, and the higher the concentration, the sharper the China cutting disc for metal. Due to the high hardness and elastic modulus requirements of diamonds, the cutter head needs to be sharp and the thickness of the pellets is different. After many manufacturing experiments, the diamonds of the coarse, medium and coarse particles of the cutter head are the best. The ratio is 1:0.0227:0.071.

  4. The fine powder is beneficial to reduce the sintering temperature and strengthen the hardness of the carcass. The prealloyed powder shortens the contact time of the powder with the air, prevents premature loss and segregation of the low melting point metal, and enhances the holding power of the diamond.

5, rare earth elements and the correct welding technology, rare earth elements can reduce the wear of the bonding agent, the correct welding, to ensure that the cutter head is not burned and can not get off the “head” phenomenon.

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