DHCP overloaded on home network? [on hold]

I've recently switched a bunch of our wireless devices (Sonos speakers, Chromecasts, etc.) to use wired LAN. I've got a low-to-mid-range TP-Link router (with Gargoyle) with standard DHCP settings that is turn connected to a few cheap 5-port switches. All in all, there are probably about 20 devices with active leases.

We've been having some issues with some devices (not all) losing their connection and not being able to get an IP reassigned for up to a day or two. Sometimes rebooting things helps, sometimes it doesn't, all in all it's pretty erratic.

I was starting to wonder whether it was an issue with the router, so I subbed it out for another old TP-link I have (also a fairly low-end model), but we're still seeing the same intermittent issues.

Is it possible that I'm asking too much of these routers? Or perhaps the issues is with the switches? I'm willing to invest in better hardware if that is likely to fix the issue but I'm not really sure what the weakest link in this setup could be.

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